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Specializing in the plating of automotive, air conditioning, hydraulic tubing and fittings, aerospace fasteners and industrial products.

D&W Plating Company, Inc. has been a Leading Provider of Quality Metal Finishing and Protective Coating Services since 1951, providing quality metal finishing to manufacturers and distributors across a variety of industries. D&W’s commitment to quality and service, together with its high capacity, automated rack and barrel production lines, has made D&W Plating Company, Inc. one of the premier plating shops in the South.

Here are some of the reasons why customers choose D&W Plating:
• D&W is ISO 9001:2008 certified
• D&W’s highly automated computer controlled zinc plating production lines allow D&W to offer competitive prices on large and small volumes.
• D&W’s large part size capacity tanks allow D&W to process parts 132” long, 60” deep, 30” wide.
• The combination of tank size, flexible racking systems and highly automated and computer controlled processes, allow D&W to produce higher volumes of product in a shorter time than most plating facilities.

We have the capability to plate your material to Engineering, ASTM, Military and /or Automotive specifications. Certifications of conformance can be furnished upon request. We also use ISO 9000 standards, flourescent x-ray and magnetic thickness testers to maintain quality. We strive to maintain:
• Excellent Service to our customers
• Quality Plating
• Fair Pricing
• Delivery Requirements